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INTRO Things are becoming Lucyd

Lucyd is a new augmented reality company dedicated to producing the world’s first ergonomic, highly functional mass market smartglasses. In their premier form, Lucyd smartglasses are planned as a peripheral device that allows users to interact with their smartphones more comfortably and effectively. Lucyd smartglasses will be supported by a basic operating system that optimizes existing smartphone apps for use in an AR interface.

Lucyd is built on both a portfolio of 13 AR patents, and a team of leading optics and AR experts. Lucyd is launching a token issuance of the LCD cryptoken in Q4 2017. The purpose of this is to create the first AR-based cryptocurrency to secure the funding needed to build our first pre-production prototype. The LCD token allows anyone to help develop and experience the AR revolution. Here you can learn more about the LCD Token Sale and the structure that makes Lucyd potentially an exciting new player in AR.

According to Greenlight Insights, the world AR market is expected to reach $36.4b by 2023, Lucyd is an opportunity to get involved in this rapidly emerging sector.

LCD TOKEN SALE – Join the Lucyd dream with LCD tokens

Lucyd is launching the LCD Token presale on October 17, 2017 to fund our first prototype. The LCD token is the first AR-based cryptocurrency. LCD will be able to be used to purchase native apps and hardware from the proposed Lucyd Lab storefront accessible via the smartglasses, as well as for unlocking promotional codes for Lucyd-compatible apps in existing ecosystems like Google Play. Finally, we will use LCD to reward software developers who make native or compatible apps for Lucyd.

The first 500 pairs of production Lucyd smartglasses will be reserved for purchase via LCD. Participating in the Token Sale gives you an opportunity to be among the first to receive the glasses of the future

TECH – Clearly innovative AR.

The Lucyd Lens is based on 13 unique augmented reality patents developed by leading optics researchers at the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida. Lucyd has exclusive worldwide license to these patents, and we believe they encapsulate the requirements for building Lucyd Lens, the world’s first ergonomic AR smartglasses. Several features distinguish Lucyd technology from the competition—Flush LCD microdisplays, customizable control schemes, wireless charging, compatibility with corrective lenses and a complete field of view are just some of the benefits that set Lucyd apart. One of the key researchers on 12 of the patents, renowned optics expert Dr. Jannick Rolland, who has joined us as a science advisor.

Exclusively Licensed Lucyd Patents

USPTO Link US Patent Number Title
Patent 1 6,731,434 Compact Lens Assembly for the Teleportal Augmented Reality System
Patent 2 6,804,066 Compact Lens Assembly for the Teleportal Augmented Reality System (CIP)
Patent 3 6,927,694 Algorithm for monitoring head/eye motion for driver alertness with one camera
Patent 4 6,963,454 Head-mounted Display by Integration of Phase-Conjugate Material
Patent 5 6,999,239 Head Mounted Display by Integration of Phase Conjugate Material DIV
Patent 6 7,009,773 Compact Microlenslet Arrays Imager
Patent 7 7,088,457 Iterative Least-Squares Wavefront estimation for general pupil shapes
Patent 8  7,119,965 Head Mounted Projection Display with a Wide Field of View
Patent 9 7,499,217 Imaging System for Eyeglass-Based Display Devices
Patent 10 7,522,344 Projection based Head Mounted Display with Eye-Tracking Capabilities
Patent 11 7,639,208 Compact Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display with Occlusion Support
Patent 12 7,843,642 Systems and Methods for Providing Compact Illumination in Head Mounted Displays
Patent 13 7,969,657 Imaging Systems for Eyeglass-Based Display Devices

THE DREAM TEAM – Our AR All-stars

Lucyd has assembled a team of capable experts in the optics, AR and cryptocurrency fields. Our practiced science advisors are recognized innovators in their fields, and the people behind Lucyd combine to form a solid foundation for its potential success. We count among our staff and board five noted Ph.D.’s in relevant verticals, as well as experienced financial, creative and blockchain experts.

Konrad Dabrowski, CPA
Konrad Dabrowski, CPACofounder, Finance Lead
Eric Cohen
Eric CohenCofounder, App Development Lead
Harrison Gross
Harrison GrossCofounder, Media Lead
Clifford M. Gross, Ph.D.
Clifford M. Gross, Ph.D.Strategic Commercialization Lead
Michael Kayat, Ph.D.
Michael Kayat, Ph.D.Optics Project Lead
Jose Enrique Hernandez
Jose Enrique HernandezBlockchain Lead
Professor Janick Rolland, Ph.D.
Professor Janick Rolland, Ph.D.Science Advisor, Optics Expert
Professor Hao Li, Ph.D.
Professor Hao Li, Ph.D.Science Advisor, Computer Science & AR
Professor Chris Harrison, Ph.D.
Professor Chris Harrison, Ph.D.Science Advisor, Computer Science, AR & Human-Computer Interaction

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